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Welcome to “Wivenhoe Club”, a blog for law academics writing in English.

The idea of the blog is for us to share with humor and positive spirit the experience of the joy and the pain the writing process provides.

It is a way for us to express the passion we have in undertaking research, writing about it and communicating our ideas to others – our colleagues, friends, students, family, and so many other audiences outside the academic world.

Research is a fascinating process of discovery: discovery of a legal topic, of the society in which the law is embedded and its needs, of ourselves when faced with multiple challenges, of time, quality, language etc. Although this process is at time lonely, it also grows from discussions, meetings, exchanges etc., all enriching stepping stones towards a deepened understanding of our topic.

In going through the research process, we change or we change our views of the world in an informed way. This process is full of surprises and we would like to share it with you. Please do join our conversation if you want to and contact us.

Enjoy the reading.

The editors.

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